Traffic and Parking Plans Contested By The Community (Press Release, 28 April 2021)

Twickenham is moving towards achieving the ambition of many decades to revitalise the Riverside, but the latest development proposals by Richmond Council are more contentious than any put forward during the last 40 years, claims The Twickenham Coalition.

Overwhelming thumbs down to Council’s parking proposals

In June 2020 Richmond Council held a public consultation about parking and announced that a decision had already been taken to close The Embankment between Water Lane and Wharf Lane to all vehicular traffic, along with the removal of approximately 82 parking spaces.

Fewer than 20% or one in five of 1,813 respondents actually said they supported the Council’s parking proposals. 

The Twickenham Coalition

The Twickenham Coalition is a growing number of individuals and community groups who have come together with one aim

–  To ensure that Richmond Council deliver the proposals they promised to deliver, so that Twickenham will be a place we are all truly proud of for generations to come.

A spokesperson for The Twickenham Coalition said:  

“The Council’s search for a solution to the challenges for traffic, parking and trades access has been obstructed by their confusion over traffic flows, inadequate information about parking provisions and the absence of any strategy on transport and parking needs of Twickenham.”

Councillors decided to go ahead any way

Heatham Alliance is a 500-strong community group in Twickenham and its founder, Mac McInerny, revealed:

“In spite of the negative feedback reported by the Director of Environment & Community Services, and the flaws in the consultation process, Council Officers recommended proceeding with removal of 82 parking spaces.

“To offset the loss of these parking spaces, Council Officers actually reduced the number of new on-street parking spaces from 34 to 29, leaving just 10 new spaces within a quarter of a mile of The Embankment.  How can that happen?”

A spokesperson for the Twickenham Society said: 

“There seems to be no recognition that residents in the new flats on the Riverside development and their visitorswill be permitted to use Holly Road car park, along with everyone else looking to park in the centre of town.

“How many more cars can they possibly fit in, especially on Saturdays when the Farmers Market is held there, and what effect will this have on traffic congestion?”

The repercussions for Twickenham

Eel Pie Island Association’s representative, Helen Montgomery-Smith, explained:

“The Embankment serves so many river-related activities include sports clubs, boatyards and moorings, with public access to the water for canoes, paddle boards and other water-borne craft.

“Losing a pay and display option for parking on Twickenham’s Embankment will impact on the inclusivity, vibrancy and viability it brings to Church Street and to the waterfront. 

“Council Officers and Councillors noted that drivers could well be forced to park elsewhere following these changes”, says The Twickenham Coalition’s spokesperson, “but they all completely ignored the congestion problems and risks of residents and visitors driving away from Twickenham for shopping and leisure.

“This will have serious impacts on shops, bars, restaurants, other venues and the small businesses in Church Street and the surrounding area.”

The Twickenham Coalition calls publicly for Richmond Council to pause, prepare proposals that will deliver what they said they will deliver and table new plans and designs – in full – for proper consultation. 

“Councillors should reflect on their public duties to examine the facts fully and objectively, to be accountable and to act openly and in the public interest,” said The Twickenham Coalition’s spokesperson. 

“Cllr Gareth Roberts once promised that the Council will listen and be transparent.  We hold him to that.”


The Twickenham Coalition

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