About Us

The Twickenham Coalition is a growing number of individuals and prominent community groups who all want the best for Twickenham and have come together under a single banner, with one aim –

  • To ensure Richmond Council deliver the proposals that they promised to deliver, with a full and proper public consultation and a properly managed project.

Redevelopment plans for Twickenham Riverside have had a long and chequered history, with numerous initiatives that have failed to realise the community’s vision and the full potential of this unique site next to the Thames.

Members of the community and local businesses have been waiting more than a decade for a scheme we can have confidence in, one that truly reflects our aspirations and the needs of Twickenham. We have just one chance to get it right.

At the present time we are close to an acceptable solution for the site – but still not close enough. The last set of proposals from Richmond Council were glaringly incomplete, the official brief had not been met, the consultation was a downright travesty and much of the project has been cloaked in ambiguity and spin by the Council.

Our ambition is for a development scheme that will reinvigorate Twickenham –

  • Enhance our town as a destination for shopping, hospitality and leisure activities
  • Safeguard and strengthen the town’s businesses and employment opportunities
  • Bring a new focal point for the town centre and also attract people to the beautiful riverside setting.

We want Twickenham to be a place that we will all be truly proud of for generations to come. This is our vision and we are working together to achieve it.

The Twickenham Coalition

‘Love our town’