Cookies Policy & Data Privacy

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files saved to the hard drive on a user’s computer to track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of the website. They allows this website, through its server, to provide the users with a tailored experience.

Users are advised that, if they wish to deny the use and saving of cookies from this website on to their hard drive, they should take necessary steps within their web browser’s security settings to block all cookies from this website and third parties. (NB This may affect other internet services that employ cookies, such as email.)

Our website uses a small number of cookies to improve the user’s experience while visiting. You can choose to reject our cookies, where applicable, by clicking “Reject” on the cookies banner.

We allow third party social media sharing buttons on our articles so that, should you wish to share an article with your friends/followers, it can be more easily shared on your account. These buttons use cookies from the social media site in question and are subject to their Cookies Policy.

Our Policy on Data Privacy

The Twickenham Coalition is committed to the six principles in the Data Protection Act 2018*. The 2018 Act is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

* The DPA 2018 as amended post Brexit.

Our promise is to process personal information fairly and transparently, for specified purposes, limited to what is necessary, and to ensure data is kept up to date and for no longer than is needed.

The Twickenham Coalition processes personal emails for the purpose of replying to enquiries and requests and to compile email lists for distributing information electronically.

We will do our best to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of personal data.

The Twickenham Coalition does not store or process sensitive information, such race, ethnicity, health, political opinions or religious beliefs.

We use only the minimum necessary cookies for use of this website.

The Twickenham Coalition takes protection of personal information very seriously indeed.