Transport and Air Quality Committee, 15 June 2021 (3)

Representation by The Twickenham Coalition, Part 3 – ACCESS, SERVICING AND CONCLUSION


There are a great many questions arising from the Council Officers’ proposals, which Members will no doubt examine.  For example, motor vehicle access points and movements are indicated (Appendix 3) but pedestrian and cycling movements, shared cycle/footpaths and cycling access points across the site are not shown.

The Twickenham Coalition recommends

6)  A full and proper consultation with the public on changes to Zone D parking arrangements before the planning application and any implementation of parking and servicing proposals.  It is vital that the views of residents and businesses are taken into account on an issue of this magnitude for Twickenham.

7)  The provision of parking for bona fide tradesmen to Eel Pie Island by way of a chargeable dispensation is tax on a community of residents and businesses, it is divisive and completely unacceptable.  The Committee is strongly urged to remove the chargeable element of this proposal and expedite finalising the form of this provision.


The Twickenham Coalition looks forward to positive responses to the recommendations above and a positive and meaningful working relationship between the Council’s programme team and members of the Stakeholder Reference Group in order to resolve and consult on these matters fully, as formally promised by the Director of Environment & Community Services last year, before going to planning.

Plans for developing this site have been around for several decades so there are very few reasons for not getting the development and necessary services and amenities right this time.  The Twickenham Coalition welcomes and supports plans that achieve its aims/commitments above and amenities such as parking and deliveries/servicing that meet the needs of the town centre, local businesses, the community and visitors to the town.

The Twickenham Coalition – ‘Love our town’