Twickenham Riverside – Getting it right

Coalition letter to the Editor, Twickenham & Richmond Tribune

There are a few, brief but important, notes of caution arising from Ben Makins’ letter in last week’s Tribune (28 May).

Firstly, the writer’s ‘outside the box’ thinking presupposes amendments to the design brief produced by the RIBA and Richmond Council and formally approved two years ago.  The Twickenham Coalition holds the Council to account to deliver the development as specified in the design brief, no more, no less, with improvements to make the plans workable in practice.

Last week’s letter also contained a quotation which misrepresented what was written in The Twickenham Coalition’s original letter, by leaving out the town square as a place for every-day community activities, where people can meet and socialise. 

It is not just a space for occasional events, as is very plain in the approved design brief.  The design brief defines the town square as an important, mandatory part of the Twickenham Riverside development and a focal point for the town.

Finally, revitalising the Twickenham Riverside site and strengthening the local economy are a chance in a lifetime and not to be treated as a political football.  In March we wrote urging a member of the Twickenham Riverside Park Team and others to leave politics out of it. 

Previous redevelopment attempts failed when political cards were played.  The present opportunity is just too important to lose.  We call for Richmond Council to pause, hold a full and proper consultation and get it right this time.

Let’s not see the same errors being repeated.

Yours sincerely

The Twickenham Coalition

‘Love our town’