Eel Pie Island

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Why does The Twickenham Coalition get involved? Short answer:  We want the best for Twickenham and we hold Richmond Council to account, to deliver what they said they will deliver in the Twickenham Riverside development.  Quite simply, they haven’t. The Coalition’s aim is to revitalise our unique and very special riverside, to strengthen the local […]

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Eel Pie Island Richmond Council Traffic and Parking Twickenham & Riverside

Traffic and Parking Plans Contested By The Community (Press Release, 28 April 2021)

Twickenham is moving towards achieving the ambition of many decades to revitalise the Riverside, but the latest development proposals by Richmond Council are more contentious than any put forward during the last 40 years, claims The Twickenham Coalition. Overwhelming thumbs down to Council’s parking proposals In June 2020 Richmond Council held a public consultation about […]

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Eel Pie Island Twickenham & Riverside

Eel Pie Island in Twickenham’s heritage, river sports and business community

Eel Pie Island’s residents, sports clubs, boatyards and other business enterprises are an essential part of the community of Twickenham and the town’s cultural and river-based heritage, sporting activities and business life.  The town’s music culture was for decades centred on the Eel Pie Island Hotel, an iconic venue in the fifties and sixties for […]

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